Judy Reilly, M.B.A.

Educational Advocate and Consultant
.Judy Reilly M.B.A. LLC

My practice provides coaching and guidance for parents of kids with LD/ADHD.  My services benefit parents who aspire to improve their child’s success at school and in the wider world, enhance their parent-child relationship, and bring greater peace and calm to their family life.

School Advocacy

  • Eligibility/Securing Supports
  • Designing a Support Plan (IEP or 504 Plan)
  • Monitoring Progress and Refining the Plan
  • Develop advocacy skills

Home Organization and Structure

  • Organize home life to support LD challenges
  • Proactively structure family and child's schedules
  • Identify and reframe fears and anxieties
  • Increase understanding of disabilities

Executive Function Coaching

  • Understand Executive Function Coaching versus Tutoring
  • Guidance in finding and hiring an EF academic coach for your child
  • Develop your own EF coaching skills to support your child's work production and life performance