Judy Reilly, M.B.A.

Educational Advocate and Consultant
.Judy Reilly M.B.A. LLC

Judy graduated from the University of Michigan with an M.B.A. and a B.A. in English.  She worked as a project manager and marketing associate for a Fortune 500 company.  Upon becoming a mother and raising four kids, she experienced parenting both developmentally delayed and "neurotypical" children first hand and realized the enormous gap in support services for parents trying to navigate their way.  As a result, Judy founded her advocacy and consulting practice in West Hartford in 2011 to provide support to parents looking for advocacy, resources, professional referrals  and guidance along the complicated journey of raising a child with LD.   

Judy pursued learning disability education and advocacy training via WrightsLaw Special Education Advocacy sources, and trained 1:1 in ADHD coaching.  She has collaborated for many years with local experts in behavioral therapy, neuropsychology, psychology, special education, academic support and pharmacology.  Judy pursues continuing education via many channels including private coaching from area experts in the field, and University of Connecticut coursework in psychology to augment her skills and experience.  

Judy's advocacy success is due in large part to her ability to combine her experience in learning disabilities, her training in business, and her ability to deliver direct and honest guidance in a kind manner.  In particular, she is uniquely effective at helping people sort through conflicting priorities and information to help them identify their most important goals and stay focused on reaching them.   Schools and school districts are obviously large, complex and often inefficient organizations, and knowing how to create and manage an ever-changing strategic plan, generate creative solutions, and persuade people in the face of conflict is as critical to successfully securing educational support for struggling kids as it is to succeeding in business.  Judy's empathy for parents is boundless, and her persistence in pursuit of student success is fierce. 

"Parenting and advocating for kids with learning disabilities requires specialized knowledge and skills because the world they live in is not built for them -  it’s built for neurotypical kids.   

I have learned how to combine my knowledge and experience with learning disabilities with approaching  kids’ LD challenges as complex business problems - perhaps the most emotionally important business problem of our life as a parent."