Judy Reilly, M.B.A.

Educational Advocate and Consultant
.Judy Reilly M.B.A. LLC

Unravel what's wrong.

Design a plan that works.

Advocate for the support your child deserves.

It’s a complicated and difficult problem.

Dealing with a child’s attention impairment, learning disability or executive function weaknesses is an ongoing and emotional challenge.  Parents of children who struggle know they need to intervene and get help for their child, but all too often they become overwhelmed and frustrated by the complex process of  identifying what's wrong, generating solutions, and ensuring reliable and effective supports are put in place quickly at school and home and, when necessary, utilizing private providers.  Without experience and specialized knowledge, it is difficult for parents to successfully get their child the help he or she needs.   

Judy Reilly is an educational advocate and consultant for families who has worked to help parents identify and secure services at school and privately, as well as implement at-home supports, that facilitate the development of their child.  Her areas of focus include ADD/ADHD, LD, Executive Functioning, and high-functioning Autism.